Hello, Lovely! I'm Shannon. I've been a hairstylist for 25 years starting in Colorado, then in California, and now Louisville, Kentucky. I fell into the profession when my broke roommate needed a haircut. Though I was in college, I couldn't decide what to do once my actress dream died and my sweet friend talked me into cosmetology school. I loved it and have been at it ever since. I met my husband years later when he was visiting a friend near my home in Southern California. We had a breakfast date on Balboa Island and the rest unfolded quickly. Our second date was in Las Vegas  (and I was hooked). He promised to take me to Derby, get me a puppy (McLovely) and then I promised to marry him. I now have two amazing daughters, a beautiful salon, and almost 8 grandchildren (WOW). We go to a ton of swim meets, eat a lot of donuts and really enjoy a fabulous life in Louisville, KY. I'm so excited to meet you!